Emile Waagenaar, 1957, the Hague, the Netherlands.

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Emile was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, into a very musical

family. As a child he enjoyed playing a toy accordion while wearing his grandfather's hat!


Later in life he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda, The Netherlands, where he earned a Master's Degree with high honors in Photography and Audio Visual Design. During this time he also fulfilled his country's mandatory service in the Dutch Army.


In 1979 he heard unfamiliar music on the radio and for him it sounded pure, honest and from the heart. It was Cajun music from the south of Louisiana.


In 1982 he traveled to Louisiana to find that man he heard on the radio. It was Ambrose Thibodeaux.


Ambrose sent him to other musicians and those musicians referred him to even more musicians! A portrait series of these Pioneer musicians began to grow and continued with documenting the next generation of younger musicians who were beginning to carry on this Cajun tradition.